The word journey reminds me of the strip of highway, extending into the distant mirage, that cuts through the Great Karoo in South Africa. You know, like parts of the famous Route 66 in the USA – a few gentle hills and valleys, but mostly a straight,  endless stretch of tar.

My life is not like that. As you read these poems from my chapbook called The Scent of God’s Rain ~ a Journey in Poetry, you may think that my life leads straight from an existence started in Desolation, through Pain and Thirst, ending in Grace. I have, however, been on many potholed detours. These roads still take me down winding passes of desolation, through tunnels of pain, via sandy tracks of thirst, where I eventually recognise that God’s awesome grace is with me through everything.

So I invite you to walk with me as we journey towards healing and wholeness in Christ.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. I think we think everyone else’s journey is direct and we are the pothole afflicted ones. I think the truth is very few make it in one straight line. Glad to read your wanderings because they have produced a grace and beauty that blesses me.

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  2. Thank you for checking out my blog! I am loving your poetry. So beautiful, so heart felt and honest. I think we sometimes forget that our journey with Jesus was never promised to be full of peace and calm and wide, comfy paths for our entire lives. I agree that the path we walk with Him leads all over…to peace, joy and bliss, through desolation, pain, fear, but He is ALWAYS there, always leading and guiding and ministering to us as we travel the journey He has mapped out. Great blog!

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