Philippians 4:5 (VOICE)
“Keep your gentle nature so that
all people will know what it looks like
to walk in His footsteps.”


Delicate bubbles rise
effortlessly overflowing
lifting the soul
Laughter and lightness cover
a depth so deep
The needs of others
come first
So cheerful, she can take it
– laugh it off…
But pain finds
Slowly seeps into the soul
May you know
His arms enfold you
in eternal embrace
Let that love settle
refill the fountain
You are loved

© Heath Cassidy 2016

Tankwa Karoo

The remnants of frosting fog
rest in the valleys
Like patches avoiding the quilt
they try to escape the rising sun
I watch my breath
as it clouds my sight
All is barren and lifeless

As the mist moves
a glistening jewel is revealed
Harsh cold coats a downy feather
frosty crystals sparkling
Courageously facing despair
Softly holding vulnerability
Deeply moving me

[Written for K. K., a new friend]

© Heath Cassidy 2016


Psalm 91:4  (NIV)
“He will cover you with his feathers
and under his wings you will find refuge.”

Tankwa Karoo
: an arid, but beautiful region in South Africa