News…or not?

Hi All!

I haven’t had the energy ~ or the inspiration ~ to post anything lately. I hope you have not been too disappointed!

So, to turn to one of the greatest inspirational books of all time, here is encouragement for today:

Ephesians 3: 17-19 (Living Bible)

“We pray that Christ will be more and more at home
in your hearts  as you trust in him.  May your roots go down deep
into the soil of God’s marvellous love.
And may you have the power to understand as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love really is.
May you experience the love of Christ,
though it is so great you will never fully understand it.
Then you will be filled with the fullness of life and power
that comes from God.”


5 thoughts on “News…or not?

  1. Have missed you even though I only just found your blog. Hope my arrival wasn’t instrumental in that 😉
    The scripture is, as always, wonderful and I pray God blesses and inspires you even if it’s not for sharing.

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