A prayer for rain

Prayer for rain

Drought and abundance

The thirsty earth yearns
for Your healing touch
Staring through anxious eyes
at the mirage on the horizon
Where are the clouds?
Where is a sign of Your rain?

Parched lips pray silently
as all colour fades
Sky and sand lock in grim embrace
While dust devils suck what remains
and life slips by in an ashen haze
Have You forsaken us Lord?

As day breaks there is a change
Slate stratus slide silently into view
Creation strains all senses
to feel Your hand
Cruel minutes become and cease
O, dear Lord, let it rain!

The land settles into serene silence
as the white noise of Your blessing
descends from Your hands
Choked channels break free from captivity
My eyes ~ so long dry from despair ~
are wet by showers of Mercy

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