Psalm 62
5 Yes, my soul, find rest in God;

my hope comes from him. (NIV)

trosvy – cluster fig (Afrikaans)
sanbonani – you are welcome (greeting- Zulu)

The silvery sun filters warmly, gently
through the pewter clouds above my head
Distant sounds of laughter echo in the trees
Birds chirp contentedly in the gnarled trosvy
A pair of hadedas knowingly prods
the earth for her treasures
While the rainbow of a myriad
butterflies glints in the filtered light
Sanbonani – You are welcome
here in my space God, Spirit, friend
I long achingly for Your eternal touch
not then, but now – every moment
“Come, Lord Jesus, come”
For I am engraved
on the palms of Your hands

© Heath Cassidy 2015

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